11:17am July 24, 2014

ep 14. - Kageyama's determined running face


ep 14. - Kageyama's determined running face
10:34am July 24, 2014
There are other formidable opponents this year.
9:51am July 24, 2014
"m-misaki? what's going on?"
9:09am July 24, 2014

When I go to games, they say that a lot about me, too. The setter is a position for people with the heighest level of ability, so why is this guy in that spot? and stuff like that.

8:26am July 24, 2014
7:43am July 24, 2014

kuroo tetsurou asked by anonymous

11:17am July 23, 2014

Make me choose: Kageyama or Hinata | Asked by anonymous

10:34am July 23, 2014
9:51am July 23, 2014

The kings are back!

9:08am July 23, 2014

"Send me a toss!" Kageyama heard a familiar voice during the middle of a game.

KageHina AU! Where before entering Karasuno, Hinata passed away from an accident. It affected Kageyama, even if he didn’t know it — the two had an inseperable bond that overcame tyranny and came out on top. Sometimes an ignorant Hinata’s ghost would scream for a toss, sometimes so naturally it would result in Kageyama giving the team a dead ball. It wasn’t like he knew Hinata all that well; he had only met him once before, why was he hearing his voice…?
8:25am July 23, 2014
7:43am July 23, 2014


↳ You are all STRONG. Karasuno is STRONG. We are the champions of old… . . F L Y

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